Wake up! 4 ways to stay motivated when you want to crash instead

Man, I’m tired.

But that’s every day. I lean heavily on caffeine and routinely bust any rules I put into place to get my six hours of sleep, such as Don’t stay up until 2 a.m. reading blogs and watching Forensic Files.

I’ve found ways to stay awake — but how to give myself that kick in the shorts that people with just one job or full nights of sleep wake up with?

That’s the bigger challenge, by far. I have a full-time 9–5, a part-time retail gig (gets my steps in and also employee discount!), plus a handful of freelance jobs. Oh, I’m also a blogger, soccer coach and dad of three daughters.

So yeah. I’m tired.

Find yourself in my groggy club? Need a jolt to get your brain jump-started in the morning — and that need for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up (that often comes by 10:30 a.m.?)

Here are a few tricks I’ve learned to keep my eyelids from hunkering down.

1-Buck up

The first thing you have to do is determine if you’re naptime sleepy or manically sleep deprived. If it’s the former? Snap out of it. You have to feel motivated to motivate yourself.

Tip: Break down your top task into doable parts. Knock three out, reward yourself with 20 winks or at least 20 minutes just to chill.

2-Take it outside

Don’t let your office become your tomb. Whether you get outside to walk a lap around your building, meditate, or just dick around on Instagram in the sun, the fresh air and vitamin D can invigorate you.

Tip: Keep a pair of sneakers under your desk. Don’t worry how dress slacks pair with bright orange cross-trainers. Get out there!


Is this work what you want to exchange sleep, rest or well-being for? If yes, that’s motivation enough. If no, you need an exit strategy. But save it — for AFTER you finish the task you’re bummed out about.

Tip: When planning a day of tasks that seem to suck your soul through your earholes, add a few items such as job search, journal, or eat a Twinkie.

4-Fuel better

I get it: I’d like to exist on Coke Zero and animal crackers. But what you put in, you get out. Throw spinach in your scrambled eggs. Squirrel away dark chocolate in your desk. Pack a couple of hard-boiled eggs in your lunch.

Tip: Add baked beans as a side for dinner instead of fries or even veggies. Their fiber and vitamin B will give you a lift for your evening.

I nodded off a couple of times while writing this. That’s par for the course. I know I can do better, and right here, writing this, is where I want to be. And that’s a definite eye-opener for me.

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Coach, father, writer — sometimes all at once. Writes content for the 💸 by day, writes blogs for the 😍 by night. coachdaddyblog.wordpress.com

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