Thanks for the comment. When I said "we'll just put in the work," that's exactly what I meant - nothing implied. Had I felt others wouldn't, I'd have said it.

I learned a lot the psychological theories you presented. However, I disagree that they apply to me. I feel like others' successes - as are mine - are a product of a mix of hard work and circumstance. We've all had raw deals and lucky breaks along the way.

I'm afraid you missed the point of my take on "disproportionate affect." I never addressed anyone who I felt was unsuccessful. I merely posed that I was uncomfortable being told that my race/social standing/other circumstances were a result of some disproportionate affect against me.

On your second point, about "just-world hypothesis" ... I'm not implying what we get is in direction response to what we deserve. I'm not certain what exactly I do deserve; all I know is that I can try my best as a man, writer, father, and all the other roles I play, and not hinder anyone else in their pursuit of a best life at the same time.

In conclusion, it's a mix or bias, circumstance, perspective, and many other factors that put us where we are currently.

I appreciate your observations and the contribution you've made to this conversation.

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