Sheri - thank you for the comment. Allow me to try to explain what I might have failed to communicate it as well as I should have!

I just want to have a chance to do as well as I can. I'm not sure white people are to blame for us being disadvantaged - trust me, we do enough on our own to dampen our own prospects. Maybe a better way to have made my point was to say I accept how things are currently, and my only wish is that I get to try my best to become my best, not against other races, but alongside them.

I must admit you were accurate with your assessment that "I will struggle against it on my terms thank you very much." It appears a bit childish when I see it that way, but I believe the spirit of it is that every generation, in my family at least, has seen the bar raised by the last, on hard work, merit and a dose of luck along the way.

Thank you for making me think more about what I've written, and for sharing your views and confusion on this. I hope that brings a bit of clarity to it all!

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