Medium just paid me 4 cents and it changed my life.

It’s ironic for a dude like me — with a to-do list dustier than the Cleveland Browns’ trophy case — to write about writing on Medium.

It just hasn’t happened.

Life is one gigantic and convenient excuse. I was sick. I was healthy. I was busy. I was bored. I got called into work. I called out from work. Too cold? Too hot. Too medium.

But when I got this 4-cent check — it changed everything.

Suddenly, without me giving enough attention to it at all, my writing here had a monetary value. Not Rockerfellerish by any stretch, but TWICE the value of the two-cents worth we talk about constantly.

See that? My writing was twice that valuable.

And suddenly all the ideas I had for posts here — How Twitter saved my writing soul and how I failed miserably at giving up diet soda and ginger snaps, but still feel like a winner — well, those took on a new life.

Because if I can make a sloth look like a cheetah with my activity here, and qualify for actual payment, what could happen if I actually tried?

It stoked those long-depressed realizations in my life that have pockmarked my timeline like a traffic sign on a country road. What if I made a to-do list and actually ticked shit off it?

What if I actually committed to morning yoga — and didn’t just lay on the mat and peruse Instagram?

Because I can do this. Many of you have. Hell, I’ve saved comments and links to some of your stories because you’ve inspired me to write my own shit about the topic. For that, I thank you. (Also, I want to show you some link love.)

And so long as the next round of drinks comes in at 4 cents or less (gratuity included!), it’s on me.

Coach, father, writer — sometimes all at once. Writes content for the 💸 by day, writes blogs for the 😍 by night.

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