Gratitude and positivity are everything. I’ve tried a couple of new things, and this will go on the list too. Others:

  • When something unfortunate happens, I say “Good. Now I can …” It’s not always easy. But I thought about losing a coaching job last season, one I really loved. I said “Good. Now I can … enjoy just watching my daughter play, and not worry about coaching an entire team.”
  • In my gratitude journal, I list three things I’m grateful for every day. But I rotate the subject: Who, what, when, why, where. It forces me to think of things I’m thankful for other than grilled cheese sandwiches and Ingrid Michaelson.

You have a genuinely positive vibe and it’s noticeable right away! I love that too. Looking forward to reading more and more of your work.

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Coach, father, writer — sometimes all at once. Writes content for the 💸 by day, writes blogs for the 😍 by night.

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