First of all, sorry for the delayed response! Second of all, I love that your school opened a committee like that and invited all who cared to participate. The more voices we get in those rooms, the better.

The teacher who made the point of doing great things for everyone across the board has insight I can definitely appreciate. I feel like the best gauge of success we can hope for is a society in which race is something we take pride in, but also something that doesn’t determine our fate, short or long term. The idea of lifting all is crucial here, and it goes against some of the rhetoric in which it was unacceptable to say that all lives matter.

Lastly, your point about creating a society that “creates a better place for all to have dreams and ways to work towards achieving those dreams, no matter where they live,” sums up my feelings exactly. With varied resources and talents, can you imagine if the ideology was to see how we can all move toward those dreams? I’m encouraged by your story and hopeful we can work hard at this right where we are.

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