Dani - thank you for such an insightful comment. Language is indeed tricky, and when it comes to building bridges, I'm ready (as are my girls) to put in the work, brick by brick. Pride is also a necessary element, and I too am cautious of how much goes in (so that we don't let it taint our actions.)

In this instance, in the heat of competition, I had no problem with this reaction from her. Afterward, both teams were congenial to each other, and one parent told me their team enjoys competing against us because of the mutual respect on the field. That doesn't mean all was the ultimate in friendliness; but I suspect that the player who took my daughter down could understand, on some level, the chippy response she received.

Most definitely, a more mindful world is a better world. I come into each day hopeful for that, proud of what I see some days, and disappointed on others. Always, the hope will return the next day to try our best again.

Stay well too, Dani, and I look forward to reading your work. Thanks again for checking in.

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