As a teen, I never melded with the “she asked for it” or “get what you can” mentality of some around me. To me it wasn’t much different from not stealing or breaking things or doing anything else invasive or dumb. As a father of three girls, I know they’ve dealt with boys who act out of avarice or ignorance, and when I hear stories like this, I wonder how they’re being raised. That’s not for me to know. I cannot change them.

I can, however, appreciate that you’ve given us this glimpse. As a former teen boy who also felt all light-headed and confused by girls at my school, I can’t even imagine how that mystifying feeling could lead to what things these boys have done. And men after them.

I’m rambling now. This was brilliantly written and the big takeaway I leave with is that there are farting, Fortnite playing boys out there who are being raised right. I will take heart in that.

Coach, father, writer — sometimes all at once. Writes content for the 💸 by day, writes blogs for the 😍 by night.

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